Business owners are becoming more tech-savvy by the year. However, there are still business owners wondering how SEO helps your business.

This article puts an end to that thought, here is exactly how SEO can help you grow your business.

Increase in Visitors to Your Website

The first and most obvious way that SEO will help your business, is by getting more people to your website.

By the very definition of SEO, the end goal is generating traffic.

Especially in more competitive industries, getting to that number one, or at least the first page of search results is crucial. 

Considering that the SEO industry is worth about 80 billion dollars per year, it makes sense to know that there is serious website traffic and you can build using SEO.


First, you can use SEO to push your home page or your name keyword.

For most business owners, when thinking about how SEO helps your business, this will be the most important boost.

This is because, generally speaking, your homepage is the page that drives the most traffic and conversions for you.

As an example, if you run a tire shop in Phoenix, you would use SEO to make sure that when people are searching for a tire shop in Phoenix, they find you.

Of course, there are many different strategies to keep in mind when thinking about optimizing your website, but that’s not the focus of this article, only how it helps your business.

Other Pages

Something else you can do, is create pages that target a different geographical area.

If you sell a service that you don’t need to be in your client’s geographical area, you can create pages promoting your service within many different cities.

For example, if you run a web design company, and are based in Phoenix, it doesn’t matter. You can create pages about “Las Vegas web design”, “Los Angeles web design”,  or any other city that your heart desires.

You can then rank these pages for these keywords, and start getting attention from all across the country, even though you may be nowhere near them.

Blog Content

Just as important, many companies are beginning to use a blog to garner attention from more people across the country.

By creating a blog, and answering the questions that people are typing into Google, you can very quickly generate traffic which is composed of your target market.

Again, this will be best if you sell a service, or have a product, that you can deliver across the country, or better yet the world.

Ranking your blog’s content, and generating traffic from your blog will also help in your overall website’s SEO.

What I mean by that, is if your blog content is ranking well, then Google will start to push your homepage, and other pages more as well.

More People Taking the Appropriate Actions From Your Website

Obviously if nobody was making the actions required in becoming a client of yours through your website, then SEO is pretty much useless. All of the traffic in the world is just about useless (for your business purposes) if they don’t become a customer

But, if you have a great website that converts at an extremely high percentage, but only get a few visitors a month, then this is a huge waste too.

If you start to receive an uptick in traffic from your SEO efforts, no matter what page they land on,  as long as all other factors remain constant, you should also see an increase in people contacting you.

Even if they land on one of your blog articles, as long as you provide good information and that they are in the market for whatever you offer, they will likely be able to navigate to your contact page and send an email.

seo helps businesses

If you haven’t already, I recommend connecting your website with Google Analytics so you can track exactly what people are doing on your website, and how well it is performing.

Increase in Activity Through Your Google my Business Listing

There are a few different types of SEO that you can do.

The first one that we already talked about is organic SEO. Organic SEO is using your website in order to generate traffic, mainly through Google.

But you can also perform SEO on your Google my Business profile.

If you don’t know what Google my Business is, open a new tab and type in lawyer near me.  You should see a map pop up, which has a long list of Google my Business listings, if you click on “View All”.

You can perform optimization to this listing, in order to get more people visiting your website, calling you, and requesting directions to your office, straight from their phones or computers on Google.

What’s nice is that Google provides a platform for business owners to see exactly how their Google my Business profile is performing, so you can keep track of your progress.

We at Abbotsford SEO specialize in Google my Business optimization, so if getting more calls, clicks, and direction requests is something that sounds useful to your business, contact us today.

SEO Can Help You Turn More Potential Clients into Your Clients

Another indirect  way that SEO will help your business is by turning more of your potential clients into real clients.

You may be asking how that’s possible, and I don’t blame you.

One thing that you can do when you have the number one spot in your city, or even just on the first page of Google, is show that off.

This is especially useful for saying to your potential clients “Search Google for best *industry* in *city*, see where we show up?”

Having great rankings on Google is fantastic social proof, since to many people, whoever Google recommends that they go to, is who they will try first.

This is becoming more and more true, as the Google algorithm becomes more and more defined.

These days, the best way to boost your search rankings is to run a great business.

There are still ways that even poor businesses can have the impression that they are great businesses in the eyes of Google, and still ways that great businesses come off as poor businesses to Google.

If you’d like a hand in showing Google that you run a great business, then reach out to us today so we can start generating more traffic for your business, and in turn, more clients.