There are so many ways to grow your tire business, and yet many tire shop owners find themselves with down-trending revenues. Because so many business owners are looking for tire shop marketing ideas, we put together a list of 12 of the best strategies to put to use today.

An important thing to note is that these strategies are only useful when being put into use. If you are just on this page under wishful thinking, knowing full well that you don’t have the time to implement them, then definitely reach out to us to get your business booming again.

On that note, get your paper and pen out, and take note of some of your favourite ideas to put into use!

#1. Build a Website

This is a staple of 21st century marketing. At this point, and especially moving forward, just about everyone expects you to have a website.

If you’d like to try your luck at building your own website, you absolutely can. There are several drag and drop website builders that get the job done, such as Wix and Squarespace. The downside to these builders is they charge a monthly fee, usually about $20-$30, and you still have to build the entire website yourself.

marketing ideas for tire shop

For most tire shops, a 3-5 page website is more than sufficient, but the more pages you can get built, the more SEO benefit you will see (generally).

Over the long run, outsourcing your website to a reputable web design company will usually save you money.

If you’d like to have a chat with someone about getting a professional website built for your tire business, at an affordable rate, you can reach out to us here.

#2. Get On As Many Social Platforms as Possible

Just as important as having a website, get listed on all the different social media platforms. With more and more people that are signing up for all of the different social networks available, it is crucial to be present on them.

Even if you don’t have the time to post consistently, get setup on the platforms, and make a few starter posts on all of the different platforms for people that stumble upon your accounts.

Among the most important, to start at least, is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn (if you are going after a professional clientele base).

Some others that are a good idea to get established on are Pinterest and Twitter, but neither of these are as crucial as the first 4.

#3. Focus on Video

Whether or not you should utilize video is not a question in 2020. According to Wordstream, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Now, before you go out and hire an expensive video production company, just know that you can get this done nearly all by yourself.

Even if you have a newer iPhone, you should absolutely shoot a 2-3 minute video of your team, your shop, and chat a little bit about your business.

There is a wide variety of fantastic strategies that you can do using this video.

Post it to YouTube

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social networks on the internet. Take the quick video that you shot on your iPhone, and go upload it to YouTube. Make the title something like “*Shop Name* – Tire Shop in *City*”. This will help with your SEO efforts, and could even rank on the Google searches, which would bring you valuable attention.

In the description, make a short writeup about your business, including the “tire shop in *city*” within the writeup. Also, include your NAP, which is your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number. Also, include your new website!

Post it to Your Social Platforms

Just like we spoke about earlier, getting established on social platforms is crucial. Post your video to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as these are some of the best platforms that you can use your new video on.

Post the video with a small writeup, so there is a little bit of backstory to the video.

#4. Get Ranked on Google

Getting ranked on Google is probably the most valuable of all of the tire shop marketing ideas on this list, but also one of the most time and budget-intensive.

This is especially important if you are in a medium city or larger. For cities of populations larger than ~30,000 people, there will be about 1,000 searches for a tire shop performed on Google every month.

how to grow your tire business

If you’re not currently near your shop, do a quick Google for “tire shop *city*”, and see how your shop is doing.

If you are serious about learning how to grow your tire business, then SEO is going to be crucial to your growth. If you’d like to work with a professional SEO company, so that you can focus on your business’ day to day, then contact us today.

#5. Run Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook has opened up the door to reaching millions of people in your target market, at your fingertips.

Remember that video you shot? Now’s a great time to use it. Setup an ad on Facebook using your intro video, and target people within a 5-10 mile radius of your shop who are into cars, even starting with a budget of just a few dollars a day.

You never know who this ad might reach, and just how well it could perform.

If you are looking for someone to outsource this to, you can get ahold of us to focus more on your daily business tasks.

#6. Look into Local Sponsorship Opportunities

Although this can be an expensive marketing strategy, it can be effective.

Look into any potential events, teams, golf tournaments, and other opportunities that you could potentially sponsor.

You may want to reach out to your local chamber of commerce to inquire about any potential sponsorships that you could make.

If you have any kids or nephews and nieces, you could even sponsor their little league, or other sports teams.

If you can sponsor an event or team with real longevity for a one-time payment, this can be a great idea, as it will provide some branding that lasts for a few years.

If you have a very limited marketing budget, this should not be the first thing that you look to do with your money.

#7. Create a Customer Referral Program

You know who makes the best salespeople for your tire shop?

Previous happy customers of course!

Set up a customer referral program to promote your customers chatting about your business with their friends and family whenever tires are brought up.

How you want to structure it is entirely up to you.

But here are a few ideas to get your brainstorming started:

Every year, whoever has referred the most people will get a $250 gift card to wherever they like.

For every referral, you will give them a $25 gift card to wherever they like.

Refer 5 people for a completely free service, depending on what you offer.

Here is an example of a successful customer referral program, from Airbnb.

#8. Build Professional Connections and Referrals

Maybe just as important as customer referrals is local service networks.

You want to make friends with other service providers in your city, so that when their customers talk about their rims, they will know who to send them to.

Some examples of great people to build connections with are; auto shops, dealerships (depending on yours and their services), window tinters, and even real estate agents.

This will of course need to work both ways, if your clients are talking about a service they need done that you don’t offer, then send them to one of your referral partners.

If you are actually thinking of others, it is much more likely that they will reciprocate.

#9. Promote Your Social Handles Whenever Possible

Now that your business is fully established all over the internet, you’ll want to promote your social network handles as often as you can.

Consider getting stickers printed up for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. handles that you can put on your front desk, on your business’ door, and even on any signage that you get printed up in the future for events or any other marketing materials.

You can even cross promote your social channels. Post your Instagram page on your Facebook, and vice versa, and any other combination that you can think of.

Convert your loyal fans from one platform to the next!

#10. Test Local Advertising and Coupon Possibilites

Look into local advertising packages, such as local directories or signs. These can be ROI positive mediums, but can also just burn through your advertising budget.

You may also want to look into Groupon, or other local coupon sites. If you can come up with a good deal, where you still make money on the transaction, then these sites can be a great way to drive some serious traffic and buyers.

If you cannot find any possibilities within this space, do not fret. This is likely not the best use of your advertising money anyways, and should be done once the more effective marketing strategies have already been fully utilized.

#11. Run a Giveaway

This can be not the easiest thing to do for a tire shop business, but if you can do this right it can work wonders.

Best used on Facebook and Instagram, giving away something of value in exchange for likes, shares, comments, tags, etc. can be a surefire way to gain hundreds if not thousands of highly qualified followers in your local area.

Giving away your services may not be enough to generate crazy organic growth, but you could also give away something that is maybe just related to the tire industry.

This is where you get to use your creativity! You could even team up with other businesses to get it done.

Check out a great guide to running a giveaway on social media to learn more.

#12. Host Your Own Events

This is one of the best tire shop marketing ideas for several reasons. By hosting your own events, you’ll be promoting your business, at the same time as cultivating a community, through your business.

There are many different types of events you could host, including BBQ’s, auction, or a pancake breakfast. Again, get creative here!

#13. Teach Your Potential and Current Customer Base

Starting a blog, which you can do by adding it onto your website, rather than setting up a whole new blog, is a fantastic idea.

Writing blog posts that teach consumers about the tire industry will encourage people that learn from it to become your customers, as well as help your current customers to have a better experience with you.

If you want professional help in setting up a blog on your current website, which in turn will help a lot with your SEO, get ahold of us here!

Summarizing Tire Shop Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Tire Business

Here are the some of the most important marketing ideas to ensure you have down;

#1. Build a website
#2. Get your social platforms setup
#3. Make videos for your tire shop
#4. Get ranked on Google
#5. Run Facebook ads
#6. Look into local sponsorships
#7. Create a customer referral system
#8. Setup service referral network
#9. Promote your handles
#10. Look into local advertising and coupon sites
#11. Run a social media giveaway
#12. Start a blog